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Epoxy terrazzo construction instructions, precautions and daily maintenance
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-19

Epoxy terrazzo construction base requirements

1. Basement floor or one floor without basement. Waterproof tape (PE or PVC) or waterproof asphalt should be laid before concrete grouting construction to prevent adhesion due to moisture in the base layer.

2, the ground leveling layer should use cement mortar or C25 or more fine stone shovel, cement mortar leveling layer should be in accordance with (cement: river sand: water = 1:2.5:0.5), which should not be too much water to avoid Separation, it is best to collect the light within three to four hours of the mortar to ensure the bonding effect.

3. Do not sprinkle cement powder on the cement mortar when it is lighted, otherwise the surface will be roughly dense and hard, which will affect the adhesion.

4, cement mortar or fine stone screed layer thickness of at least 50mm, and strive to level, the height difference is below 1mm, after 28 days of maintenance and sufficient drying, the strength must reach 30Mpa or more.

5. The moisture content is below 6% before the epoxy floor can be laid.

Epoxy terrazzo construction method

1. Base finishing: After grinding and removing the local impurities with abrasive tools and roughening the concrete surface, the dust is completely cleaned with an industrial vacuum cleaner. The surface must be flat, firm and fully dried. The surface of the grease, soil, etc. Fully cleared.

2. Primer coating: After the primer is uniformly mixed in proportion, it can be evenly coated on the ground with a roller for about 4~8 hours before the surface coating can be applied. Check the coating condition of the primer, if it is completely absorbed by the base surface The situation can be repeated coating.

3, trimming: small cracks in the base surface, damaged parts can be repaired with epoxy resin, and a complete smooth surface can be applied.

4. Topcoating: After the A/B agent is evenly mixed according to the ratio, it is laid on the primer with a serrated trowel (helping to eliminate the blister). After 48 hours, the personnel can enter. After seven days, heavy machinery can enter.

Epoxy terrazzo precautions

1. The material should be placed indoors to avoid wind and rain. If it has to be placed outdoors, it should be stacked neatly on the pallet and covered with tape to avoid water ingress and not to be placed for a long time.

2. Fireworks should be strictly prohibited in the material stacking position.

3. The various controls on site must be rigorous during construction.

4. Some types of materials will precipitate when stored. Please stir them evenly before use.

5. The main agent and curing agent should be weighed according to the ratio and determined to be evenly stirred.

6, humidity is above 85%, temperature below 10 °C, to avoid construction.

Epoxy terrazzo daily maintenance

1. Clean the floor with a soft broom on weekdays, or wipe it with a rag. Regularly use bright wax to maintain it every month.

2. When the floor spills into acid or alkali, it should be washed immediately with water.

3. In case the floor is damaged, it can only be repaired.

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