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Main points of terrazzo construction process
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-19

Terrazzo construction program

The terrazzo construction procedure should be carried out in order from the top to the bottom. In the same floor, first make a flat top, wall flour brush, then make a terrazzo surface layer and a footboard to avoid leakage of the grinding stone, affecting the next layer of flat top and wall decoration, while avoiding the scaffolding damage to the surface layer, otherwise There must be effective measures to prevent floor water seepage and to protect the surface.

Terrazzo construction preparation, base treatment

The mix ratio and various colors of the terrazzo surface layer shall be tested and prepared as a basis for construction and acceptance, and shall be prepared according to this. Before laying, check the elevation and flatness of the base layer, reinforce the surface if necessary, clean it, and do the basic layer treatment.

Terrazzo construction to determine the elevation

After the base layer is processed, the surface level is determined according to the uniform elevation line. During construction, the base layer is sprinkled with water 24 hours in advance, and the cement paste is fully brushed. The consistency of the cement slurry should be determined according to the degree of wetting of the base layer. Generally, the water-cement ratio is 0.4-0.5, and the thickness of the coating is controlled. Within 1mm. It should be done to brush the cement slurry and lay the cement mortar bonding layer, so that the cement slurry can not be dried and affect the bonding. The bonding layer shall be 1:3 cement mortar or 1:3.5 dry cement mortar, all of which are volume ratios.

Cement mortar for terrazzo construction

Use a wooden trowel to flatten and compact the matte surface, so as to facilitate the bonding with the surface layer and overcome the hollow drum phenomenon. After paving, it will be cured for 24 hours. The curing time and the degree of watering should be determined depending on the temperature. The terrazzo surface layer should be carried out after the compressive strength of the cement mortar bonding layer reaches 1.2 N/mm2.

Terrazzo surface laying

Before laying the surface layer, brush the cement paste bonding layer with the same water-cement ratio of 0.4-0.5 on the surface of the base layer, and mix the terrazzo with the brush. The thickness of the terrazzo mix should be 1~2mm higher than that of the grid. It should be flattened and rolled tightly with a roller. After the surface is pulverized, it should be smoothed with a trowel. In the rolling process, if the surface stones are found to be less, the stone particles can be filled and leveled in the cement slurry to increase the appearance. Then, on the cement mortar bonding layer, the elastic lines are divided according to the design requirements of the grid and pattern, but the spacing of the grids is preferably 1 m. A part of the divisional division of the surface layer must be aligned with the shirring of the base layer (including the cushion layer and the bonding layer) to accommodate simultaneous expansion and contraction.

It is strictly forbidden to walk on the surface.

After 1 day, watering and curing should be carried out for 5 to 7 days at room temperature. The construction at low temperature and winter should be maintained for more than 10 days.

The above is the introduction of terrazzo and the main points of construction technology of terrazzo floor, I hope to help you.

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