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Physical indicators and construction effect diagram of cement-based grindstone floor materials
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-19

Physical indicators of cement-based grindstone floor materials:

The cement-based grindstone floor material is composed of special cement, selected aggregate and various additives. It is mixed with water to form a self-leveling material with strong fluidity and high plasticity. It is suitable for fine leveling and all of concrete floors. Paving materials, widely used in civil and commercial buildings.

Cement-based grindstone floor material characteristics:

1. Simple construction, convenient and quick.

2, wear-resistant, durable, economical, environmentally friendly (industrial type has a small amount of pollution, home type no)

3, excellent fluidity, automatic and accurate leveling of the ground.

4. After 3-4 hours, you can walk on the road; after 24 hours, you can open light traffic.

5, do not increase the elevation, the ground layer is 2-5 mm thin, saving materials and reducing costs.

6, good adhesion, smooth, not empty drum.

7, widely used in civil, commercial indoor ground leveling.

8, harmless to the human body, no radiation.

Cement-based grindstone flooring materials with high technology content and complicated technical links. Cement-based grindstone flooring materials are dry-mixed powdery materials composed of various active ingredients, which can be used on site. Unfolding, you can get a high leveling base. The hardening speed is fast, you can walk on it in 24 hours, or carry out subsequent works (such as laying wooden floors, diamond plates, etc.). The construction is quick and simple, which is unmatched by traditional artificial leveling.

The cement-based grindstone floor material is widely used in various public places, halls, stations, etc. The cement-based grindstone floor material is compared with the popular terrazzo, whether it is in the surface texture or the theoretical application life. The promotion of the company, because of its seamless structure, makes the group more flat, does not contain loopholes that contain various impurities, and has outstanding construction results. Then, if you want to reach the construction result of fantasy, is it difficult to construct seamless terrazzo in that aspect? Let's stop introducing it for the family.

Cement-based grindstone floor material product effect:

Cement-based grindstone floor

Cement-based grindstone floor

Cement-based grindstone floor

Cement-based grindstone floor

Cement-based grindstone floor

Cement-based grindstone floor

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