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What is an inorganic grindstone, what is a new terrazzo, and how to make an inorganic grindstone
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-12-28

There are two ways to make inorganic grindstones: one is a prefabricated board, and the other is a group exhibition!

What is an inorganic grindstone, what is a new terrazzo, and how to make an inorganic grindstone

Nothing is a show of exhibitions. What should the effect of inorganic grindstones be?

Xiao Bian, in the past, the experimental warfare method of some “appearance modification” (the viewpoint put forward by Yi Yipin Hu) was made for the inorganic grindstone.

The result of the final result is:

嘶米哒Inorganic grindstone

Of course, the best hand is in the official, Erxin is even better, you can make this performance map, and send out the secret exchange study.

They are always advocating and negotiating. The terrazzo is the new darling of the period. It is a dark horse in the artificial stone world.

Its superiority and warfare characteristics have been discussed in detail in the fifth article of Xiaobian, and there is no cumbersomeness there.

Above, everyone in the battle will share how to make the prefabricated inorganic stone as a step by step.

The first step, of course, is that there are already beautiful sections that can be unveiled.

Selected 60X60 30X30 of the total number of plates held in the splicing

The prefabricated board was unveiled with a semi-dry and semi-wet cement mortar mixing and leveling exhibition.

So the five or six square meters of the area are only showing up, it’s not a lot of work.

The second step is to apply water

What is an inorganic grindstone, what is a new terrazzo, and how to make an inorganic grindstone

The invented inorganic grindstone must be maintained with water to allow the cement mortar above to be fully cured.

After the exhibition is over, remember that it is necessary to apply water twice a day.

The third step is to cut the seam and make up the seam.

What is an inorganic grindstone, what is a new terrazzo, and how to make an inorganic grindstone

We used the 425 red cement toning sand to hold the cracks in the fine sand. The grounding materials after mixing must be properly thickened.

In this way, the cement sand has a beautiful fluidity between the plates, and the deeper the seepage, the weaker the consolidation.

The fourth step is to grind by rough grinding---fine grinding---fine grinding No. 1000

What is an inorganic grindstone, what is a new terrazzo, and how to make an inorganic grindstone

Xie Gener adopted 60 iron grinding tablets to hold the skin to the hardness of the new inorganic grinding stone. Therefore, there was no suggestion to adopt the 30 target iron grinding sheet. After thanking the face, the indirect repair data was used to excavate the hole. War repair, very arrogant is that regardless of the size of the soybeans, the pores of the sesame and the holes that are not visible in the flesh are full of digging.

Most of the holes in the terrazzo are made by the method of scraping the sand, but the way they adopt it is to dig and dig.

That saves a lot of engineering time warfare information

The fifth step is fine grinding to 1000 after the thick material after the thick release of the cold cooling treatment

After the second step of cooling for 2 hours, you may be able to start the crystal surface treatment.

The crystal surface of the inorganic grindstone is selected from the crystallization data of nano-silica (trying a lot of company products, it can be admitted as long as Guangzhou 歪一品106, is also the only foreign company specializing in crystal noodles), everyone knows, The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, granite, ceramic tiles, inorganic grindstone, etc., all belonging to silicate stone. Therefore, the crystallization data of the inorganic grindstone is not available for the non-nano-silica material. The high-temperature film is formed, and the structural net of the appearance of the stone porcelain is tightly caught, which constitutes a group of anti-pollution and anti-seepage and anti-theft network. . Therefore, many people think that the crystal layer is thin, and does not seal the appearance of the stone, no ventilation? Reticulated, anti-tea stain, anti-oil, it is not waterproof, then it is enough to confirm that the inorganic grindstone is breathable! It’s a little far away! The continuation of the inorganic grindstone topic, 2-3 changes the basic glass texture of the inorganic grindstone

The seventh step is to measure the radiance by adopting five points to take a uniform value.

The uniform radiance of all of them is at 80 degrees. According to the foreign stone association, the stone care of the nurses industry is 85 degrees, and the specification of granite is 80 degrees. That is the persuasiveness of the data! Therefore, the inorganic grindstone has been slowly facing the trade floor, and has quietly entered thousands of households!

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