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The shortcomings of traditional terrazzo, how do new terrazzo enter into thousands of households, terrazzo non-porous technology
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-03-25

The shortcomings of traditional terrazzo, how the new terrazzo has entered thousands of households, terrazzo has no pore technology. Traditional terrazzo is a good thing, but why can't it develop? What factors limit the development of traditional terrazzo? How does the new terrazzo enter into thousands of households, and how does the terrazzo non-porous technology operate?

First, the shortcomings of traditional terrazzo

1, sewage cross-flow, this is because the traditional terrazzo needs water mill to add a large amount of water for water grinding;

2, water mill construction costs are high;

3, too many holes;

4, the traditional hole filling technology is too backward;

5, not bright enough;

6, poor stain resistance;

7, too soil;

8. The traditional terrazzo has been used for a long time, and the stone is easy to get rid of.

Second, for the shortcomings of traditional terrazzo, Jincheng floor solutions and research and development process

1. The traditional terrazzo is not bright enough and the stone is detached. It can be solved by sealing and curing. This is not much to say.

2, the problem of too soil, that is, cement and stone grading problems, as well as the visual effects of cement, stone and color. The reason why traditional terrazzo seems too earthy is because they like to use red, big green, red and green too much, it seems very soil; the traditional terrazzo color is old, mainly because the pigment they choose is not alkali-resistant, time is long, faded This is one of the reasons for the soil;

3, the traditional terrazzo matching problem, the various stone size, gradation is wrong, the stone color black and white gray ratio is wrong!

4, the construction of traditional terrazzo, Taitu is determined by the construction of traditional terrazzo, the traditional terrazzo because the stone will sink to the bottom, the construction workers are afraid of uneven stones, desperately withdrawing stones on the surface, causing too many surface stones, more than one stone It seems very earthy.

Case: Jincheng Floor has a 100,000 square meter grindstone project in Nancheng, Dongguan. We did a test there and selected three terrazzo construction teams to teach them the above three tricks: brighten the terrazzo and let the terrazzo The stone will not be rubbed in the future, and the terrazzo will not appear too earthy. Only these three moves have shown great power. In the past, these construction teams basically did not work. Now they are crazy. When they go to 4.23, they need to line up for more than a month. Now it is even more difficult. They need to line up for more than two months. And, the price has risen by 50% and continues to rise. Even the brothers who sell the stones to us to make samples have earned a lot. We want stones and white cement now. As long as we open our mouths, we will send them to us, no money! What is consumption upgrade, this is the consumption upgrade!

Third, terrazzo non-porosity technology

1. The problem of stain resistance of new terrazzo

The new terrazzo pollution resistance is an industry problem, and its oil-proof and anti-fouling agent for Jincheng floor can be used.

2. Hole problems of traditional terrazzo and construction problems of traditional terrazzo

Nowadays, the construction process of traditional terrazzo is carried out around the key word of reducing holes. In order to reduce the hole, during the construction, the roller is desperately rolling on the terrazzo paving layer. The result is that the paving layer is more than 3 mm higher than the dividing strip, and some construction teams are also marked on the construction regulations. It should be more than 3 mm high, and it is famous for making the separated strips close to the cement. In addition, due to desperate compaction, the stone sinks, and the final result is: when grinding, it needs to be ground 6-8 mm to reveal uniform aggregate, which invisibly increases the huge grinding cost and sewage treatment cost.

The research on the non-porous technology of Jincheng floor is to solve these problems. Since there is no hole, why should we follow the construction method of traditional terrazzo? We can completely subvert the traditional terrazzo construction method and design a set of methods ourselves. Now this method comes out. When paving, the split strip can be flattened, and it is easy to scrape off.

The above is the shortcomings of the traditional terrazzo, how the new terrazzo enters the thousands of households, and the entire content of the terrazzo non-porous technology. The research and development of the new terrazzo has absorbed many recipes and construction experience of traditional terrazzo. At the same time, the production of new terrazzo has also introduced non-porous technology and wall hanging technology, incorporating various elements such as history, culture and feelings. It is not far from entering thousands of households.

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