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Jincheng anti-static terrazzo product features
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-03-25

Jincheng anti-static terrazzo is a kind of permanent non-fire anti-static terrazzo developed by our company to absorb foreign advanced anti-static technology and combined with national anti-static standard specifications. The inorganic conductive material and the cement dissolve each other, so that the terrazzo ground has a stable and long-lasting conductive property and a uniformly distributed conductive surface, and then through a special lightning protection grounding technology, the terrazzo ground has a static dissipating capability as a whole. Compared with the traditional anti-static ground products, “Santong” brand anti-static terrazzo has higher cost performance, simpler process, more flexible construction and higher cleanliness, achieving a perfect combination of anti-static effect and building performance. It has been widely used in electronic workshops, communication equipment rooms and other environments with anti-static requirements and high cleanliness requirements.

Jincheng anti-static terrazzo product features

1. High anti-static stability and strong adaptability. It can ensure the stability of the indicator under any environmental meteorological conditions in the room.

2, the service life can be the same as the building, and deep grinding again does not affect its anti-static performance and aesthetics.

3. High mechanical strength. It has strong pressure bearing capacity and good impact resistance.

4. High wear resistance. Similar to high-quality stone ground, it is not afraid of heavy truck rolling, and is not afraid of heavy objects.

5, resistant to aging, corrosion resistance. Even for weak acid and weak alkali environment, it has good adaptability.

6, high cleanliness, and easy to clean. Just wipe it with a slightly damp mop.

7, maintenance and maintainability. No special anti-static maintenance is required, and the maintenance cost is low or no cost later; if you need to improve the brightness after many years, you can use ordinary floor wax.

8, variety of colors, high cleanliness. It can meet the special high requirements of pharmaceutical, chip manufacturing and other environments.

9, anti-static integrity. The whole has good static dissipative characteristics and the antistatic performance is evenly distributed.

10, flame retardant: A grade.

Jincheng anti-static terrazzo floor (floor) product characteristics

(1) Anti-static characteristics:

1,) surface resistance, volume resistance 1 × 105 ~ 1 × 109 (ohms)

1×104~1×107 (ohm) (for electric fire production, storage area)

2) Permanent anti-static materials, focusing on anti-static integrity, stability, environmental adaptability and consistency

(2) Architectural characteristics:

1. After forming, the rigidity is good, wear-resistant, non-shrinkage, no deformation, high mechanical strength, and the bearing capacity is the same as ordinary high-quality terrazzo floor.

2, flame retardant, no dust, no moisture absorption, no odor, no environmental pollution, aging resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance.

3, bright and bright color, ordinary floor wax can be maintained, does not affect its anti-static performance.

4. It has the same performance as all kinds of high-quality terrazzo used in various buildings, and meets the requirements of national standard GB50209-2002.

Jincheng anti-static terrazzo floor (floor) Scope of application: suitable for new factory buildings, machine rooms and existing grounds that require large-scale renovation of the environment or environment with extremely high cleanliness requirements and other environments with anti-static requirements, provided that The ground floor cushion of the infrastructure can leave a thickness of at least 3cm (leveling layer and surface layer)

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