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Terrazzo ground casting advantages
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-03-26

According to the construction process, the terrazzo can be divided into two types: the existing terrazzo and the pre-made terrazzo. The existing terrazzo is constructed on the ground where construction is required. The advantage is that there is no seam, and the whole is flat and beautiful. Prefabricated terrazzo is produced by the production machine in the factory production line. Its advantage is that it can effectively control the cost, but the surface effect after laying is not good, it is easy to crack, it is generally not recommended;

According to the use effect, it can be divided into industrial terrazzo, civil water millstone, commercial terrazzo and so on. The industrial terrazzo floor is the primary color terrazzo floor. It is commonly used in workshops, warehouses or parking lots of factories. Its raw materials are granite stone and ordinary Portland cement. The surface is not beautiful but cheap and durable. The civil whetstone floor is applied on the grounds of villas, hospitals, plazas, subway stations, etc. It is more ornamental and grade than industrial terrazzo. It is commonly used in green and red marble granules, high-grade white cement or colored cement. With inorganic artificial stone (Imitation of stone floor) effect.

Terrazzo ground casting advantages

1. After the high-quality terrazzo and surface treatment, the brightness reaches 70 or more, and the dustproof and anti-skid reach the marble quality;

2, high terrazzo, surface hardness of 6-8;

3, high-bright terrazzo, freely splicing colors, colors can be customized;

4, high-bright terrazzo does not crack, not afraid of heavy car rolling, not afraid of heavy objects dragging, no shrinkage deformation;

5. High-quality terrazzo is dust-free and clean; the cleanliness meets the requirements of high clean environment such as pharmaceutical and chip manufacturing;

6, high-quality terrazzo non-combustible, no fire, aging, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, no odor without any pollution;

7, high-quality terrazzo color bright and clean, if you need to improve the light to play ordinary floor wax (does not affect its anti-static properties);

8. The highlight terrazzo decorative grid is horizontal and vertical, no gap is required between the grids, the connection is dense, and the overall appearance is good.

What is the price of cast-in-place terrazzo?

Nowadays, the market generally sells about 150-300 yuan a square meter. The quality and brand are relatively good. The price is relatively expensive. The main reason is to watch the weathering and abrasion of the terrazzo. The most common and convenient at home and abroad. The solution is to clean the surface of the stone and apply a layer of wax. This method can protect the surface of the new terrazzo and delay the speed of natural weathering and abrasion. After a few years of weathering of the terrazzo surface, the terrazzo refurbishment can be resumed by simply grinding the ground at a price of 25/1, 30/1.

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