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How to refurbish the terrazzo floor
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-03-26

The terrazzo floor is made by mixing stones, terrazzo, pigments, etc. in an undesired proportion and requesting inclusions, and then pouring them into separate strips for construction beforehand. After the strength is reached, it is ground and waxed and polished. The terrazzo floor has been used for many years. Some terrazzo floors have been shown to be filthy, stained and unbearable. It is necessary to carry out innovative reforms through new skills to make the old terrazzo floor glorious.

Meifule New Materials Stone Innovation Co., Ltd. has been carrying out many years of marble innovation and terrazzo innovation maintenance, and has accumulated a wealth of practical lessons. According to the high and low-end customers, the supply price is reasonable, and the customers are not satisfied with the plan. Meifule New Materials Stone Innovation Co., Ltd. is working hard for the grand customers to realize that the terrazzo floor has been widely used, and one of the main reasons is its economic utility. Therefore, for the innovation of terrazzo washing and maintenance, it is necessary to abide by the economic and practical principles, and be satisfied with the high-end consumers' conditions, and try to satisfy the requests of foreign and low-end consumers, and then get the same recognition from the patrons.

Innovative construction process of terrazzo floor

Rough grinding: The grindstone innovator will be used to polish the old terrazzo floor, remove the oil stains and solid layers, and eliminate the signs such as flat and potholes.

coarse grinding. The grindstone innovation machine, the surface grinder and the metal grinding wheel are used to grind the rough grindstone surface to eliminate rough grinding, and at the same time, grind and level the over-high surface to increase the flatness of the surface.

repair. Repair the sand with the grindstone surface to repair and repair the surface pits, gaps (see the situation slotting), and the filling. The surface is ground. The surface of the surface is further ground with a water grindstone, a celestial grinder, and a terrazzo floor, from coarse to coarse, until the actual request is reached.

Terrazzo ground innovation process

1. The terrazzo floor repairing and polishing is a relatively simple construction method. However, it is really not necessary to make the repaired polished terrazzo Tianping feel refreshed. According to the lessons learned from the actual construction of modern guardian buildings, the key to the innovation of terrazzo floor is not being polished, but the repair is to make the surface of the sky not to the gap, and the repaired gap should take no chromatic or chromatic aberration around the surface. Very small.

2, terrazzo floor innovative process: throw the aging appearance 1-2mm, expose the new layer and then mirror treatment, apply the stone grinding machine to receive the same grinding piece from low to high order, sanding and polishing to reach Request brightness; use crystal powder and stone polishing machine to soften the surface of the terrazzo to improve the wear resistance of the terrazzo, and then use the crystallizing agent to maintain the surface crystal surface.

3. After grinding through it again, it is necessary to review the motives after a high grinding, and then change the oil stone with a higher number of targets according to the situation to hold a thicker grinding. At the gap that is being repaired, the grinding should be rough, and it is necessary to check whether the interface is flat or not. At the corner of the corner, it is necessary to change the portable small mill for grinding.

4. Innovative manipulation points of terrazzo floor: Analyze the cement, cement label and stone particle size limitation of this terrazzo Tianping; select the same type of cement and the stone with very close particle size; according to the movement of the gap, hold the expansion joint The selected cement, stone, and grading will be matched and matched; the terrazzo of the blended enamel will be held in the caulking. Outside the loopholes, it should be cleaned and cleaned. After washing and cleaning, it should be coated with concrete interface agent to ensure that the new materials are firmly bonded to the sky.

Terrazzo ground nursery

1. After the terrazzo has been laid, the primary one-side sealing wax is used, and the porous cement ore is properly sealed with wax from the outside with a non-yellow wax. In the months that have just been laid, it is necessary to drag the sky every day to eliminate minerals from the flat surface; when it is completely clean, there may be a need for waxing again.

2, outside the usual clean nursed back to health, should be cleaned with a broom every day, vacuum, or with the disposal of oil-free mop dust; at the same time combined with live nursed back, use wet drag or mechanical brush, apply flexible detergent, with a mop or The vacuum cleaner is washed and polished. But to use a synthetic fiber mat to polish, no steel wool is used.

3. After the innovation of terrazzo, the hardness of its appearance is up to the hardness of ordinary granite. It has the luxury of making marble and the hardness of granite. Its appearance gloss is more than 90 degrees. Normally, there is no need to polish the wax, and each month is partially polished or quarterly polished.

The terrazzo floor can not be overwhelmed at the moment, but it has not been broken and is still being applied in some occasions, but it can be very old. If you do not want to decorate the new surface, you need to carry out innovative disposal. It is necessary to hold the necessary awareness of the terrazzo floor innovation process, and the maintenance points for the terrazzo floor should be further studied to extend the service life of the terrazzo floor as much as possible.

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