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Epoxy anti-static terrazzo floor features and maintenance
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-03-29

Epoxy anti-static terrazzo floor features

1. Epoxy anti-static terrazzo should avoid electronic interference to sensitive equipment. Avoid accumulation of static electricity, causing sparks to explode

2, epoxy anti-static terrazzo floor is wear-resistant, can be kept clean and dust-free, can withstand the crushing of material transport vehicles

3, epoxy anti-static terrazzo in the warehouse and factory area, the floor can withstand water, acid, alkali and other chemistry

4. Epoxy anti-static terrazzo floor is easy to repair when it is partially damaged, and has strong adhesion to the base surface.

Epoxy anti-static terrazzo maintenance

1. Clean the floor with a soft broom on weekdays, or wipe it with a rag. Regularly use bright wax to maintain it every month.

2. When the epoxy anti-static terrazzo floor overflows to the acid, alkali and other chemicals, it should be washed immediately with water.

3. In case the epoxy anti-static terrazzo floor is damaged, it can only be repaired in this part.

Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Construction technology: easy to lay, can provide the corresponding construction specifications.

Epoxy anti-static terrazzo floor advantages:

Wear resistance, aging resistance, fire resistance, anti-static consistency and integrity.

Epoxy anti-static terrazzo floor investment is less:

The anti-static and grounding integrated design avoids the need for additional grounding design and investment in addition to the anti-static floor and support of the traditional anti-static overhead floor, which saves the user cost. Maintenance and maintenance is as good as ordinary artificial stone floor without special anti-static maintenance.

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