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The difference between traditional terrazzo and Muffler cement-based terrazzo
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-04-01

The traditional whetstones are emerging shortly after the discovery of silicate fire mud. The foreign remedies against the old-fashioned whetstones are found outside some of the refurbishment buildings. Laiby is built in Shanghai in 1956. Outside the Soviet Union Lai. What is the difference between the traditional whetstone and the melody of the fire? We have summarized some of the focus gaps:

Different craftsmanship: traditional whetstone adopts ordinary silicate fire mud as gelation data, cremation products are ignited calcium silicate; Meifule fire mud-based whetstone adopts special fire mud, fine aggregate, polymer and Various kinds of increasing agents constitute a new one-dimensional system. Compared with the traditional fire-grinding stone, it has: a series of functional disadvantages such as compression and bending resistance, fast softness, quick drying, seamless splicing of large areas, and inorganic environmental protection;

The area of the single block is different: the area of the traditional whetstone is 1.5 meters square, which is the limit. It is difficult to make it bigger. The reason is that the smoldering of the silicate fire mud itself is too big; The millstone adopts special aggregates of special fire mud, metal warfare and non-metal to form a solid strengthening layer, and the dimensional stability is relatively good. Whether it is a seamless mosaic, there is no pressure.

The construction rate is different: when the traditional whetstone is paved, it is necessary to take the concrete to communicate. When at least 10 places are used, the current appearance is polished. The Mercury fire mud-based whetstone system is quick-drying and early-strength, 24 hours. Grinding (the compressive strength is already above 25MPa, and the temperature is increased before the specification). When the two are old, they are not the same.

The cleanliness of the construction is different: the traditional grinding stone must be cooled by the amount of fire, and the result of the pollution is very poor. Especially in the contemporary, the strict sewage disposal regulations are high, and the foundation can not collect the pollution, even if it is possible Collecting emissions will be very high. Meifule fire mud-based whetstone adopts the power vacuum cleaner, and the whole process is fire-free. The vacuum cleaner ensures clean construction without dust. In addition, the dry grinding process can make the appearance of the fire mud-based grindstone polished and polished, so as to promote the group's effectiveness and high-end aristocratic sense;

The appearance is different from the pollution: the traditional whetstone can not change the porous characteristics of the silicate fire mud. Even if the inorganic appearance is introduced into the appearance, the density of the appearance can not be achieved; and the appearance of the fire mud-based grinding stone is cured by polishing. Appearance, so as to further supply the appearance of compactness, polishing gloss war clarity, stain resistance is far better than the traditional whetstone.

Limitations of Aggregate Selection: The traditional fire mudstone has a strict control request for the particle size of the aggregate. Generally, only aggregates with a particle size of 4-8 mm or more can be selected to deal with the low-absorbent aggregate. (Laibi glass, quartz, porcelain, etc.) has very poor compatibility. The reason is that the cremation products of silicate fire mud have lower softness, that is, the "grip force" is poor, and the small particle aggregates are easily "jumping sand" outside the grinding process, and the low absorbing aggregate can not be used. It is useful to bond, and it affects the appearance of the appearance of whitewashing; and the Meifule fire mud-based whetstone has only aggregate-level commonality, and the "sand grip" for dealing with 1-3 mm or even smaller aggregates is very Lai, do not easily jump sand, and can increase the low absorbing aggregate.

The effect of whitewashing is different: the traditional whetstone is very limited in terms of single-area area and aggregate selection, and the appearance of polishing function is not too bad. It can hardly be polished to more than 60 degrees. The polishing of the mud-based whetstone to the 90-degree base is not a result. In addition, the single-block area is large and the aggregate selection is extensive and meticulous. The effect of the whitewashing effect is not the same as that of the traditional whetstone.

The function of wall-to-wall integrated whitewashing is different: the beauty of the fire-based mudstone of the Meifule system is improved due to the strength of the flexural strength and toughness, whether it is being built on site or the prefabricated wall of the factory, or even to 0.8*1.2 Michal's one-piece prefabricated sheet. These traditional whetstones can't be done.

The thickness of the construction is different: the traditional whetstone is understood as “the whetstone to find the enamel powder layer”, the quality is a layer of fine stone concrete polishing layer, the thickness is generally not less than 40 mm; the contemporary Meifule fire mud based fire grinding The thickness of the stone is usually 8-15 mm, and it is very hard to work hard on the old. This advantage is especially suitable for the old building reform project, which is useful for mastering the high-rise and high-rise building loads.

Different craftsmanships are different: Guangdong Meifulu New Data Technology Co., Ltd. has been investing in large and small funds for research and development in recent years, and has repeatedly consulted famous professors at home and abroad to hold data leaders, and has been working on nearly 100 people. The function of the experimental argumentation data broke through the monopoly of foreign countries in dealing with high-end fire-base grindstone products in the sea. The effect of the whitewashing of the fire mud-based grindstone has reached and exceeded the foreign craftsmanship. The traditional whetstone is not changing in the roots of the country for 50 or 60 years.

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