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What is terrazzo? What are the advantages? Which terrazzo and tiles are good?
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-04-04

During the stage of decoration and tiling, we have to display floor tiles, and there are many varieties of floor tiles. Yesterday, Xiaobian wanted to introduce everyone to a new brick, terrazzo. Someone will ask Xiaobian, what is terrazzo? What are the benefits of that new material? Which one is the terrazzo battle tile? Everyone has to be anxious, and Xiaobian will give everyone answers one by one.

What is terrazzo?

The terrazzo (also called grindstone) is a finished product which is ground and polished after mixing aggregates such as gravel, glass and quartz stone into a cement binder. A terrazzo ceramic grinding stone made of cement bonding material, a terrazzo made of epoxy bonding material, and an epoxy grindstone or an organic grindstone. The terrazzo is placed on the site according to the construction and construction process. The terrazzo warfare prefabricated terrazzo is empty. outer. The traditional terrazzo is rich in cost, can be arbitrarily spliced, easy to construct, and so on. It has a great market in foreign countries, and it has been used in the world of urban and rural buildings. There are more than one billion square meters of terrazzo.

Terrazzo benefits

The terrazzo floor tile has an extraordinary disposal. It is easy to dust, wear and scratch, and the service life is very small. Secondly, the terrazzo mirror is particularly embarrassing, and its profile is as bright as the stone, with a luminosity of more than 105 degrees. The terrazzo is especially very good for nurturing, saving the cost of cleaning and maintenance in the early stage. It is only necessary to take electrostatic dust to push the dust every day, and use the external cleansing agent to clean the terrazzo. The terrazzo air has the advantage of being clean, resistant to aging, corrosion, and odor without any purification, so the frequency of use is getting lower and lower. The terrazzo profile is radiant, the pattern is vertical and vertical, and the connection is dense and flawless. The overall is very beautiful.

Which one is the terrazzo battle tile?

The terrazzo construction process takes the same as ordinary bricks. After the terrazzo profile is polished, the stomata will be exposed, resulting in a lower finish. The floor tile profile is treated with glaze, the waterproof motive is sturdy, and the dirty water is easy to penetrate. Because terrazzo is cheaper than ordinary floor tiles, its price is more expensive than ordinary floor tiles. Because the terrazzo suits have a single style of competition, it has a strong color like a floor tile, and it is made with the motives of whitewashing. From the perspective of wear resistance and dirt resistance, terrazzo has the upper hand and is easier to take care of, so it is often used in some large public places. The terrazzo is more suitable for the life of the ordinary floor. The service life of the floor tile is less than that of the terrazzo, because the terrazzo will be infiltrated when it is temporarily used. From the construction point of view, the construction of the terrazzo is more difficult than the ordinary floor tiles, and the motives after the exhibition are wonderful and upscale. The stability of the terrazzo is more sturdy than that of the floor tiles. It will be cracked, arched, warped, etc. when used like a floor tile.

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