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Construction technology of color seamless terrazzo floor tile in Jincheng floor
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-04-16

Jincheng floor color seamless terrazzo floor tile construction process has been introduced to you before, the terrazzo ground construction process steps are similar, everyone should be once again review it again, no harm.

Color terrazzo floor construction process steps: elastic block block → trial shop → paving terrazzo board → calibration terrazzo board → caulking → curing → waxing

1. Check. The base layer is treated and the leveling mortar is smeared, and the terrazzo operation process is basically the same. The screed layer construction must be checked for flatness.

2, the elastic line block. After the mortar leveling layer is applied, the surface can be cleaned the next day, and then the elastic line is arranged according to the design requirements. The block should pay attention to symmetry and minimize the cutting of the pre-made terrazzo. When dividing, divide the grid with the dividing line of the connected room. All the dividing lines should be marked on the wall.

3, trial shop. Apply a grout on the hardened leveling layer, take it in the four sides of the room, and pull the cross line or a number of vertical (horizontal) lines according to the elevation of the ground. First test the blocks according to the guidelines to see if they meet the requirements. If problems are found, they should be adjusted. Determine the mortar thickness from the test shop.

4. Laying the mortar on the bottom of the prefabricated terrazzo board. Put the prefabricated terrazzo plate into the steel mold of the die table, the bottom surface is upward, remove dust and garbage, sprinkle the water slightly wet, spread the bonding mortar, and scrape the mortar layer with a wooden scraper, about 5MM thick, if the thickness is 25MM (actually Prefabricated terrazzo board with a thickness of 23-27MM), the total thickness of the die table control board and mortar should be 30MM.

5, paving the leveling layer bonding mortar. Use iron plate to lay mortar, smooth, thickness 3-4MM, can be controlled by moving 4MM thick wood planks. The length of the pre-laid mortar is preferably 1M.

6, paving prefabricated terrazzo board. When the veneer is inlaid, the four corners should fall down so that they are in parallel contact with the mortar, and the light is placed to prevent the edge of the plate from damaging the flatness of the bonding layer. For a hall with columns, the line between the column and the column should be laid first, and then the two sides should be attached.

7. Correct the terrazzo board. After the prefabricated terrazzo board is laid, use a wooden hammer to tap the surface of the board to make it firmly bonded, and the surface is flat. The joints of the two boards are aligned and leveled. In particular, the "striking angle" of the board is flat and flush, and the edge is used horizontally. Rule inspection, after laying a row, pull the wire to check whether it is straight. If you find individual bumps or curved seams, you should add pulping, slurry reduction and seaming in time.

8, caulking. After the prefabricated terrazzo board is laid, the dust can be removed from the slats every two days, and the water should be sprinkled with cement mortar for 2/3 height. The remaining 1/3 should be filled with the required color cement slurry and embedded and compacted. Then wipe the surface with a dry sawdust.

9, conservation. The next day after the seam is embedded, immediately lay 5-10MM thick wood chips for water conservation and 3D.

10. Wax. Remove the wood chips before use on the ground, use a grindstone machine to press the sack cloth to clean the surface dust and dirt, and then wipe the wax a little, and polish until the reflection occurs.

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