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Guangzhou Foshan inorganic terrazzo floor manufacturer
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-04-25

Guangzhou Foshan Inorganic Terrazzo Flooring Factory Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Inorganic terrazzo floor has low price and high performance. The price in the market is flat and suitable for consumers. The epoxy floor of the inorganic terrazzo floor has low maintenance cost and does not require a lot of manpower and material resources. Most consumers choose epoxy floor paint.

The inorganic terrazzo floor is easy to clean, and a large number of cars in the underground garage enter and exit. For a long time, it will cause problems such as peeling and dusting on the ground rolling. Therefore, it is inevitable to choose the garage inorganic terrazzo floor. It has the characteristics of neat and bright, dust-free, wear-resistant and non-slip easy to clean. Fourth, more beautiful and also mention the value and value. Epoxy floor paint looks flat and bright, colorful, so that the floor paint garage is very clean and tidy. Even in the rainy weather, there will be no water, sewage, etc., easy to clean and maintain, and the owner's use feels very good. It is a win-win situation for the owners and developers.

According to polyurethane floor paint composition and film formation mechanism, polyurethane floor paints are divided into five categories: urethane modified oil coating (single component), moisture curing polyurethane coating (single component), closed polyurethane coating (single Component), catalytically curable polyurethane coating (two-component), hydroxy-curable polyurethane coating (two-component). What is GPU high performance polyurethane mortar floor paint? GPU high performance polyurethane mortar floor is a new type of high performance floor, which not only has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, heavy impact resistance and thermal shock resistance, but also wear resistance, flexibility, convenient construction, etc., can withstand -40 ° C High and low temperature up to 130 °C, resistant to moisture and anti-slip features. At the same time, it is also a four-component waterborne polyurethane mortar floor material. Its composite has almost all the advantages of organic polymer and inorganic concrete. It is suitable for food, slaughter, parking lot, hardware, storage, garage and other fields.

Performance and application of garage inorganic terrazzo floor: There are various decoration materials in the world, and the regulations for using different materials in different places are quite clear. Garage inorganic terrazzo floor performance: garage inorganic terrazzo floor refers to the ground coating with 0.2~0.5mm thickness coating after multiple coatings. The main functions are decoration, moisture proof, dustproof, anti-seepage and wear resistance. Applicable to surface coating of light industrial plants, electronics factories, silk screen factories, paper products factories, textile factories, printing factories, toy factories, offices, warehouses, parking lots, etc. Garage inorganic terrazzo floor performance characteristics: 1, dust, wear, pressure, water. 2, can do matte, bright, semi-dumb and anti-slip effect.

The inorganic terrazzo floor makes it difficult for the urban ground to exchange heat and moisture with the air, lacks the ability to adjust the temperature and humidity of the city's surface, and the heat island phenomenon, which leads to the deterioration of the urban climate. The permeable pavement stores a large amount of capillary water, adhesive rock in the porous structure and the underlying soil, and the capillary water transpires under the action of solar radiation, absorbing a large amount of sensible heat and latent heat, so that the surface temperature is lowered, thereby effectively The ground eases the problem of excessive surface temperature in summer, paying attention to the treatment of the surface of the base layer. It is generally believed that the concrete is a porous material, and its adhesion to the epoxy resin material is very strong. But this is not exactly the case, because there are still many influencing factors. In fact, only the properly treated concrete base layer can make a good bond with the concrete. Generally speaking, in the concrete floor construction, due to the vibrating process of the concrete, the surface layer is enriched with cement slurry to form a dense cement. Pulp surface.

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