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Guangzhou Foshan anti-static terrazzo floor terrazzo floor quality and cheap
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-04-26

The introduction of anti-static terrazzo, anti-static terrazzo floor is a new type of excellent technology in terrazzo floor. It uses a unique formulation of inorganic conductive phase materials, special process manufacturing, anti-static performance stability, safe and reliable, durable wear. Its appearance is no different from ordinary terrazzo. It can also be used for ground, workbench and other places. Anti-static terrazzo ground is generally used in high-demand enterprises or units, such as: telecommunications equipment room, electronics manufacturing plant, information and communication, aerospace, pyrotechnic power, petrochemical, biological, reservoir area, etc. The required area.

The terrazzo floor is going to eliminate three things in the construction of epoxy floor paint: water. We see some ordinary floor, although the wear resistance is very good, it is easy to clean, but because the nature of the product is different, and the floor we see will have a certain amount of dust for us. influences. The strength grade of cement selected by our company is 52. It can adapt to concrete well during the construction process. The silicate root in cement combines with the free calcium ion after hydration of concrete to form calcium silicate. Calcium silicate is strength. Foundation, the most important. Up to large-scale painting and construction, through strict supervision and supervision of the next station, establish quality supervision and control points, directly control the entire process of painting, ensure the quality of painting engineering, and master the initiative of quality management in the construction process. It can be widely applied to concrete surfaces that require special surface abrasion resistance and impact resistance. Careful cleaning of the mixing tools is also included here. Articles you might be interested in: Why do epoxy floor slabs blister? How to deal with it is to complete a perfect epoxy floor project.

Artistic terrazzo, grindstone is a long-lasting plate, mainly through crushed stone, glass, quartz stone and other materials, mixed with cement binder coagulation, and then polished and polished products. Nowadays, the terrazzo has been transformed to become smoother and the manufacturing process has been improved several levels. The terrazzo is now not only limited to the ground, but also works well on walls and countertops, making it ideal for today's art deco and style.

As for the terrazzo floor, if the countertop is made of coarse-grained granite or marble, it is recommended to use a surface-type protective agent (the protective agent will form a protective film on the surface of the stone) after being finished with the osmotic protective agent. Floor cleaning method and cleaning agent used. QC. The points mentioned above are related to the service scope of Huanggang terrazzo mirror sandblasting. How to solve the service scope of Meifule wear-resistant floor?", I believe that after reading this article, there will be one of its own in this aspect. Fan knows that in the future, the problem of how to solve the problem of sanding on the mirror surface of Huanggang terrazzo can be solved very well. The general package must promptly and punctually notify the concrete pouring time and construction area on the same day. Huangshi stamping floor green environmental charm Meifulue What are the requirements for wear-resistant floor construction? In order to prevent the epoxy layer from blisters, three things must be eliminated in the construction of epoxy floor paint: water. Many people have our Huanggang Epoxy Floor, Meifule, etc. I already have some understanding, and I also introduced the Muffler terrazzo floor.

Compared with the terrazzo several decades ago, the terrazzo after the return completely abandoned the old-fashioned autumn, especially in the design of the color, the soft macaron, the beautiful metallic color, the low-key gray, at home The use of single items is also very good, and the artistic sense is full. The new artistic terrazzo products bring more creativity and possibilities to the current home style. Bringing more highlights to the renovation, many high-end hotels have begun to use terrazzo products, which is enough to illustrate its effect. In general, the terrazzo has become a relatively new decorative material, and it is also very practical. Friends who want to try can choose a little and bring a different feeling to their home decoration.

Meifule terrazzo floor, I believe that after reading the introduction of this article, I will have some understanding of this aspect. In the future, I will be able to solve problems such as how to use the Murphy floor. The points mentioned above are related to the composition principle of Huangshi terrazzo wear-resistant floor. I believe that after reading this article, I will have some understanding of this aspect. The composition principle of Huangshi terrazzo wear-resistant floor can also be solved very well. Through the introduction of this article, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the construction steps of Meifule Epoxy Floor Construction Management to control the Meishui floor. If you want to know other related knowledge such as epoxy floor and terrazzo floor engineering, please contact us. Dry-spreading method is used to evenly spread the concrete surface in the stage of analysis of the wear-resistant floor of the first floor Pingmeifulul terrazzo. With professional construction tools, a dense color resistance can be formed on the foundation concrete. Grinding the surface layer. Flatness: Does it need to be repaired with epoxy mortar? Aesthetic requirements Color requirements: Do you need a color division area? Brightness requirements: Is it matt or bright? Flatness requirements: Is there a requirement for the flatness of the floor? Well.

What is the difference between terrazzo and epoxy grindstone? Grinding stones and epoxy grindstones are the ground materials that we often encounter every day, but although they are similar, there are also great differences. Many people will not know the specific difference between the two at a time. , Meifule Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction to the difference between the two. Epoxy grindstone still belongs to the category of terrazzo, but there are some differences in the manufacturing process and materials. Specifically, the cement of the two grindstones is different. The epoxy grindstone is the epoxy resin + curing agent. Membrane material, while the general terrazzo is a cement+water film-forming substance.

The terrazzo floor is dust-proof, non-slip, pressure-resistant, impervious, weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant and environmentally friendly. The leveling and leveling can pre-treat the concrete after hardening, and the surface ash is accelerated and removed. Take the wall around the room and pop the cross center line on the ground. Add the reserved seams according to the size of the plate. How to promote their own products for small and medium-sized terrazzo enterprises For our terrazzo enterprises, under the general trend of Internet thinking and the subversion of business models has become the new normal, our inherent practice in the traditional business era is currently no longer feasible. The points mentioned above are related to how the composition principle of Huangshi terrazzo wear-resistant floor is wear-resistant and chooses the beautiful floor?" I believe that after reading the introduction of this article, I will have some understanding of this aspect. In the future, I will be able to solve the problem of how to wear and remove the beautiful surface. How about the beauty of the Epoxy Epoxy Flooring? The scope of service".

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