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How difficult is the construction of terrazzo on site?
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-04-28

Difficulty in construction of cast-in-place grindstone: How difficult is the construction of terrazzo on site? There are usually two difficulties: one is flatness and the other is gloss. The ground is not flat and it is impossible to enter the construction process of the water mill. If the degree of polishing is not enough, it will not be shiny after polishing. There is also the straightness of the dividing line, the uniformity of the surface stones, the strength of the grinding, the smoothness of the grinding, the mastery of the surface finish, and how to eliminate the hollowing out. Other similar questions How much does the terrazzo floor construction cost? Terrazzo ground construction plan? What are the construction points of the terrazzo floor on site? What are the requirements for all materials? What is the terrazzo floor construction method? What are the defects and defects of the ground watering grindstone floor? A brief description of the terrazzo floor construction method? Terrazzo construction environment and precautions? The construction habit of watering the grindstone floor? What is the construction process of the terrazzo floor? Why do you do indoors when there is a cast-in-place grindstone floor in the building?

Secondly, is there a difference in the number of projects in the room with marble and cast-in-place cement plants?

Calculated by land area. The surface of the plot does not include horizontal floors. Both cement mortar and in-situ terrazzo projects include lower surface and side plastering. Other similar issues How much does the terrazzo floor construction cost? Terrazzo ground construction plan? The amount of ground watering grindstone project? How much is the floor made of marble? How to distinguish between terrazzo and marble, which kind of radioactivity is stronger? What do you need to do to put the marble on the wall? What is the difference between cast-in-place grindstone and prefabricated grindstone? Is the home tile or marble floor good? Is there a way to apply marble to the wall? What is the labor cost of a layer of marble pavement on the market today? What is the difference between marble and ceramic tiles?

What are the reasons for watering whetstones, marble and tiles? If it is good looking, these three materials can be implemented, choose different colors to match the pattern on the line.

From the texture of the material, the gloss of the marble and the full tile is much better than that of the terrazzo. The terrazzo has the advantages of good integrity and no brick joints. Bricks may appear between the marble and the tiles, and the construction skills are poor or the quality of the materials themselves is poor.

Compared to other floor materials, terrazzo floor materials should be the safest because of tiles, marble, granite and certain radioactivity. The terrazzo floor is made by mixing cement and stone and is therefore relatively safe. However, there are a few issues to be aware of. First of all, do not add any antifreeze, early strength agent, etc.; the second is a brighter color, such as red, do not choose.

Among them, tiles are the hardest and most wearable.

The highest end of the marble gives a grand feeling, of course, the corresponding crystal surface treatment is required.

The terrazzo rich pattern, free to spell, more pores, not easy to dirty.

As for the seamless problem, all three can be handled seamlessly, mainly according to actual needs.

In addition, the late construction of the terrazzo can also increase the high surface brightness to achieve a marble-like mirror effect.

The choice of ground materials is mainly based on the venue, decoration style, with or without special function requirements, economy, daily cleaning and maintenance costs, service life and so on.

Guangzhou Jincheng floor is a new type of terrazzo with new materials and new technology. It is highly wear-resistant, dust-free and beautiful. It is a unique terrazzo product for customers to create a unique dream space.

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