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What is the distinction between terrazzo and floor tiles? What are the defrosting advantages of terrazzo?
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-04-30

The terrazzo is also a kind of empty-out style, often used to build empty, countertops and sinks. The terrazzo is made up of gravel and cement agitation, and then built outside to lubricate the outside. With the continuous updating of the materials for dismantling, there have been very few people using terrazzo at this moment. Otherwise, the terrazzo has been cut down. Then tomorrow, Xiao Bian will introduce the master to the distinction between terrazzo and floor tiles and the excellent defects outside the terrazzo, so that the master can understand the terrazzo.

The distinction between terrazzo and floor tiles:

Section 1: The construction process of terrazzo floor tiles is very simple. After the outside grinding, the stomata will be exposed, causing the light to fall. The outside of the floor tiles is treated by sealing glaze. The waterproof effect is not easy to see. There is light.

Distinguish two: The construction process of the terrazzo floor tile is simple, so the cost is much lower than that of the ordinary floor tile, and the selling price is more expensive than the ordinary floor tile.

Section 3: The color and style of the terrazzo floor tile are single, not the same as the ordinary floor tiles. The effect of the detachment is not effective.

Distinguish four: wear and dirt resistance two functions to go, terrazzo floor tiles are better, easier to handle.

Differentiate five: use the life to talk about, the life of the ordinary floor tiles is longer than the service life of the terrazzo floor tiles. Since the terrazzo floor tiles will temporarily seep after the temporary use, they have to be changed.

Distinction 6: The terrazzo floor tiles are more difficult to construct than the ordinary floor tiles, and the exhibition will not be mundane and floor-level.

Distinction 7: The stability of terrazzo floor tiles depends on the use of ordinary floor tiles, such as cracking, arching, shortening, deformation, warping and so on.

Terrazzo empty outer strength:

1) Under the bright terrazzo, after the surface light is brightly disposed, the lower brightness reaches 70 or more, and the dustproof and non-slip reaches the marble character.

2) Under the bright terrazzo, the outer hardness reaches 6-8.

3) Under the bright terrazzo, whether the splicing color and color are custom-made.

4) No cracking, no fear of heavy truck rolling, no fear of heavy objects dragging, no shortening of deformation.

5) No dust, cleanliness; cleanliness is satisfactory for requests for cleanliness such as pharmaceuticals and chip creation.

6) Non-combustible, no water, aging, stain resistance, erosion resistance, no odor, no infection.

7) The brilliance is bright and bright, if you need to raise the light and ordinary floor wax (does not affect its anti-static function).

8) The split strips are horizontal and vertical, no gaps are required between the grids, and the joints are dense, and the overall elegance is high.

9) The repairing function and mechanical function can be used for all kinds of excellent terrazzo outside the construction. It meets the requirements of GB50209-2002 and meets the requirements of JC507-1993 for the construction of terrazzo finished products.

External defects of terrazzo:

1. Heavy weight. We also know that terrazzo is a mixed soil product. The weight of a terrazzo floor is about 5kg. The heavier the terrazzo floor weight, the more time-consuming and labor-intensive it is.

2, difficult to weather, difficult to erode, short life. The terrazzo has a poor anti-erosion power. If it is used in the case of erosion, it will use the aggressive cleaning agent to wash the terrazzo floor, which will form a major erosion of the floor. Then the service life of the terrazzo floor will be greatly discounted. For more than a decade, it can only be used for a few years.

3, not waterproof, weak permeability. There is a lot of leisure time outside the terrazzo floor. These leisure facilities can not only collect the ash layer but also pass through the water. If there is water stain outside the air, it will be able to penetrate into the air and go below, and bring along the empty stains. It is very difficult to clean the terrazzo.

The above is the small series for the terrazzo and floor tiles, the number of sweeps of the whetstones, the contents of the introduction, browse the following content, trust masters must also deal with terrazzo. Reliance masters deal with terrazzo and floor tiles. In the end, Xintian once had some opinions. However, following the growth of society, terrazzo has once withdrawn from the stage of history, and the floor tiles gradually occupied the entire market. However, the cost of terrazzo is cheap, and it is suitable for some public occasions.

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