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Comparison of new terrazzo and traditional terrazzo
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-07

Terrazzo is still widely used in many large companies and factories as a high quality and inexpensive floor. However, with the development of society and science and technology, terrazzo products continue to develop, and the newly developed new terrazzo is widely promoted. So is the new seamless terrazzo better than the traditional terrazzo?

First, the new terrazzo surface finish is higher than the traditional terrazzo, can reach 90 degrees of gloss, or even higher, equivalent to the quality of imported high-grade marble surface.

Second, the new terrazzo has a longer service life than the traditional terrazzo and can last for 30 years. As a result, maintenance costs for floor cleaning and sanitation management are greatly reduced and replacement costs can be reduced.

Third, the new terrazzo has a higher hardness than the traditional terrazzo. The surface hardness of the new terrazzo is as high as 5-7. The wear resistance is particularly good, and the penetration resistance is also more prominent.

Fourth, the new terrazzo is more environmentally friendly and has no odor. This is appropriate whether at the factory or at home. Therefore, as a whole, the new terrazzo is more in line with the social needs of the current era, and will have wider application in the future.

The new terrazzo is better than the traditional terrazzo, and the whole content of the new terrazzo care. How much is a new terrazzo square meter? The new terrazzo is a new type of terrazzo on the market. This is also a terrazzo that stands out in terms of performance. It can be said that the new terrazzo has unique advantages, such as low cost, free color matching and convenient construction. There is a large market at home and abroad. At present, the area of new terrazzo used in buildings across the country is as high as 1 billion square meters. How much is a new terrazzo one square meter? The new terrazzo is different from the traditional ordinary terrazzo. It is not only more beautiful, but also more wear-resistant and has a longer life. Let you start using the terrazzo floor again. How much is the new terrazzo one square meter? In general, the price of the new terrazzo ranges from about 200 to 600, but there are still some differences depending on the area and quality. When you choose, you can ask a few more questions. Guangzhou Jincheng terrazzo engineers tailor a unique terrazzo for you and choose a new terrazzo with higher cost performance.

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