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Public place terrazzo has advantages
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-09

The strong return of terrazzo, terrazzo application in public places

Let's talk about terrazzo. You may not know what it is, but you must have a deep impression, especially at the uncle level.

Do you remember? This foundation has been deeply imprinted in your memory. The frequency of schools, airport stations, hospitals, shopping malls and even families is too high and too high. The terrazzo is deeply deep in the impression of Xiaobian.

Why is terrazzo flooring so popular at the time? Affordable, high wear resistance, not afraid of heavy pressure or even drag, easy to clean, etc., so it is very popular in public places, I believe that Uncle's people have deep memories and like it. However, later, young people felt that this terrazzo is a good soil. It can be described by slag. It is cold and ice, and it becomes a past tense. The new technology and new formula of terrazzo, the cast-in-place seamless terrazzo floor, has become the hottest darling in the fashion industry.

However, terrazzo is made of ceramic tiles, like terrazzo tiles. It has a strong attack power and is not related to “soil sludge”. It has become synonymous with fashion!

In the past, the face of cold ice and soil was changed and presented to everyone with a new look. This practicality and popularity is no less than marble tiles!

An industrial wind feel, but skip the solid color of cement bricks.

The wear resistance of terrazzo bricks is most suitable for use in public places. The space of the star is not the focus, but it can break the monotonous space.

Not as bright as marble tiles, but there is no lack of atmosphere.

Terrazzo can be like any color, beautiful colors

Can be used to connect the public to the atmosphere, but also fresh and refined;

Full of retro style, full of art;

The craft is lively and lively; minimalist endorsement, one sentence: beautiful...

This is a low-key luxury, just like the stars at night, not dazzling, but the stars in the sky are enough to illuminate the entire night sky.

What is the market like when the terrazzo returns strongly? Are you optimistic about the new terrazzo?

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