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The birth of stone terrazzo terrazzo tiles!
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-20

What is terrazzo?

A terrazzo is a product that is ground and polished by mixing aggregates such as gravel, glass, and quartz into a cement binder to form a coagulated product. The irregular stone pattern in the terrazzo is very uncertain and random.

Stone terrazzo

Stone terrazzo effect

From this information, terrazzo was invented by Venetian construction workers in the early 20th century. Their superb craftsmanship exposes marble fragments to the top of concrete.

It was introduced to China in the late 1950s for large buildings such as schools, airports, hospitals, and gradually withdrew from the historical arena in the mid-1990s.

Stone terrazzo

Many people are flustered by watching the terrazzo. They will say, “This is a lot of old soil! However, as a product of the last century, terrazzo has finally turned around. After the designer renewed the terrazzo, the new background, it is Tenacious. The land is resurrected.

Stone terrazzo

The terrazzo is not at the low end and looks very textured.

This terrazzo looks very cool and stylish

Art terrazzo can also be designed by design

Designer terrazzo fabric

Black and white grey terrazzo style cloth

Stone terrazzo

From September 23 to October 1, last year, after visiting the Tecnargilli 2016 and Cersaie 2016, the experts immediately analyzed the development trend of the global ceramic tile industry.

A trend in product development is the beginning of terrazzo tiles!

In China, in 2016, the antique bricks with unique personality have been redesigned and designed for terrazzo, and the “Sicilian Terrazzo” series has been launched to commemorate the classics.

“Is this not just a terrazzo? There are so many things like tiles!”

Stone terrazzo

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