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Why is the stone terrazzo floor so beautiful?
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-20

Many people can see the stone terrazzo, and they will say, "This is a lot of old soil! However, as a product of the last century, the stone terrazzo has finally begun to turn around again. After the designers rejuvenate the stone terrazzo in the new The environment has been resurrected tenaciously. This shows the wide-ranging demand for artificial stone, and more and more artificial stone projects will appear in the future.

Stone terrazzo

The stone terrazzo is a product which is ground and polished by mixing aggregates such as gravel, glass and quartz stone into a cement binder to form a coagulated product. Let us experience the traditional stone terrazzo. Imitation stone terrazzo, the impression is probably the standard of the school and hospital corridors of the last century, as well as the exterior wall of traditional buildings. Although wearable, it looks cheap.

Stone terrazzo

However, it was too late to sigh with time, and the once-disappeared stone terrazzo had already begun to counterattack. Like the previous hot marble, the designer used the qualities of the stone itself to play a variety of products. From tables and chairs, sinks to small items, some use only the color and texture of stone terrazzo, but its popularity is inevitable.

Stone terrazzo

According to the mix of various materials and the choice of color, the decoration in any space does not violate the standard, the key seems so stylish! Imitation stone terrazzo, with the advantage of the floor, based on the "green". When the stonemason came up with a stone terrazzo floor a few hundred years ago, the idea was to recycle the material.

Stone terrazzo

These are the most environmentally friendly supplements that you can add to your home. This is because they consist of recycled glass and marble. The stone terrazzo countertop is heat resistant. Usually, when someone moves into a new home, it is very important for them, the choice of the countertop. Marble and tiles must be kept hot for a while. Imitation stone terrazzo countertops are not easy to burn or darken.

Stone terrazzo

Another benefit of these countertops is that they are scratch resistant. This feature is urgently needed in all kitchens. Granite and marble can be easily scratched, but with more concrete and glass, the stone terrazzo can withstand more use.

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