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Application effect and construction technology of concrete dyeing and curing floor
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-21

Cement air quality is not good, we can use concrete seal curing agent to strengthen the floor performance, improve the service life of the floor, then the floor color is single, aesthetic fatigue, can we also color the floor? The curing performance of the curing floor is poor. It doesn't matter. We can make it become a dyeing and solidifying floor, add color to the floor, and give life to everyone. However, many people still don't understand the concrete floor stains. The following is a brief introduction to this colorful concrete floor stain.

Jincheng Concrete Floor Dyeing Agent is a new generation of super-impregnated dyeing agent. It is a new type of product, non-toxic and harmless, with strong soaking power, anti-ultraviolet micro-weathering, stable color, used for stopping artificial dyeing of concrete and terrazzo. It can make concrete and other products more abundant and colorful, can penetrate 3-8 mm and blend with concrete, does not fade, and can prevent the appearance of the problem caused by the problem of epoxy resin falling. With the use of curing agent, the color effect of the floor is more perfect and bright. Easy to clean.

The dyed and solidified floor is brightly colored and has a variety of colors of red, yellow, green, blue and black. Other colors can be distributed through these colors. Compared with the ordinary epoxy floor, the color is more abundant and the performance is better. After polishing, the color is more durable and bright, and does not fade. It has the floor performance of the curing floor and the epoxy floor. The colorful colors of Ping. Reversing the floor dust and sand, but also rejecting the aesthetic fatigue, concrete dyeing and curing the floor is a good choice.

Dyeing and curing floor construction process:

1) Rough grinding: grinding with an innovative or resin dry grinding disc to 200 mesh - 400 mesh;

2) Dyeing: Use the roller to roll the vertical roll to paint the dye on average. After the surface is dry, apply it again and let the air adhere to the humidity for 2-3 hours.

3) Curing: After the dyeing agent is completely dried, it can be brushed with a curing agent and ground after 12 hours;

4) Polishing: According to the temperature, after at least 8 hours of reaction, 800-mesh, 1500-mesh, and 3000-mesh resin dry-grinding discs are dry-polished at the beginning (800-3000 mesh grinding, machine needs equipment vacuum cleaner), 3000 After the end of the project, the sky will have a highlight effect (sometimes the color will appear uneven and visually faded, able to paint the front effect of the maintenance agent);

5) Maintenance agent: Finally, apply the maintenance agent again. (At this time, the color will show a bright and even color.) After a soaking period of about 1 day, you can get on the train. At this time, the waterproof and oil-proof effect has been reached.

6) If you want to reach the gloss, you can use the following steps: fine grinding in the air: after the curing agent is sprayed for 2-3 hours, after the surface is completely dry, you can use the resin soft-grinding piece to polish from 800 mesh and 1000 mesh 1500 mesh alternately. Polished with a polishing machine with a white pad (2500 RPM).

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