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When did cement-based self-leveling become popular?
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-21

The cement gene is self-smooth. In 1957, the bottom of the Pandomo was made by the German self-leveling. We received a lot of solid aggregates that have been grown from gypsum base into cement base, and further terrazzo. Pandomo improvement is noble and well. Many strengths, red high aluminum as the main component, Taiwan, Taipei, the road around the lake, the top of the house is a good structure. The US CTS is that sulfur is a series of cement-based self-leveling Lecheng grown - based on high alumina cement. Known for its high ground, TRU is known for its excellent structure. Whether it is wear-resistant or not, the strength and other characteristics are greatly improved, thereby obtaining more trade floor and other occasions.

Cement-based self-leveling

The self-leveling data of the general cement high-rise, the water cracking and suspension of a lot of powder to reduce the cement, the strength of the 28 ground is usually about 25MPa. Mohs hardness 4, wear and scratch resistance is not enough, and the curing agent is not effective. If the curing agent can be applied, the Mohs hardness to 5, or even 6 will be a very embarrassing information, whether it is used in garages and workshops. Sulfur-aluminum sulfide cement is also less reactive. What is the curing agent paradigm? Sodium-lithium colloidal silica, which can be usefully penetrated by self-leveling cement-based, curing agent manufacturers are challenging achievements.

Cement-based self-leveling

In ancient times, cement-based grindstones were basically mixed with finely divided fine aggregates (3 to 6 mm or 4 to 8 mm), which were evenly flattened and then polished to form a wonderful surface layer. Because it is not partitioned, it is seamless and does not crack. Milling (who is wet grinding) will play the sandstone, but it is also how to add pulp. The model of gravity, thus making up for the crisis of pulp, grinding sand, jumping sand, and even to replenish the pulp, and replenishing the pulp is also a trouble, but also because the black color of latex is high heat. Latex hydrolyzed wet grinding is caused by low-intensity, even green, terrazzo is the same. Therefore, the data is more smashed after being destroyed by the first wet grinding wetness. As a result, more than two conditions can be spared, and the assembly can also pick small tools. In addition, a discretionary grinding.

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