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Emery floor construction technology
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-22

First, Emery floor introduction

Emery floor material is a dry-sand floor hardener that is pre-mixed and ready for use at the factory. It is mainly composed of high-strength cement, inorganic wear-resistant aggregate, pigment powder (no primary color of cement), additives and so on. The aggregate is sand-like, with an average particle size of 1.5mm, accounting for about 60% of the total; the cement is treated high-grade cement, in addition to the natural color of the cement, there are red, yellow, green, gray and other colors available. select. The hardener aggregate component is a natural ore. It is a non-metallic aggregate that does not rust and has a hardness of 8 degrees or more. In addition to natural ore aggregates, other cements, pigments, etc. weigh no more than 25% of the total weight. This product is directly applied to the surface of concrete or cement mortar in the initial setting stage. After being smoothed, it forms a hardened, hard-wearing, dust-free and hardened floor.

The corundum floor is also a cement product. It is a product of high-grade cement mixed with different grades of quartz sand. It is of course characterized by cement products: free Ca+ and Mg+ are continuously precipitated from the pores to cause dust generation; The hydration cooperation is used in the loss of the last water, resulting in a lot of capillary pores, which in turn makes it not dense, so its strength and wear resistance are greatly reduced. Since the thickness of the corundum is generally 3 to 5 mm, it is very easy to fall off. If the time of cutting is not mastered. After the thickness of this layer is worn, the underlying cement starts to ash, so it is usually used after one year of use, even if there is waxing maintenance, it is inevitable to scratch and wear.

Second, the performance characteristics and application scope of Emery floor

The corundum floor color is optional, the surface is dense, not easy to dust, easy to clean, is a substitute for the traditional industrial ground terrazzo. The product has low cost, high cost performance, long service life, excellent wear resistance, impact resistance and pressure resistance. The construction is simple, directly spread on the initial concrete, saving time and labor, no need to apply mortar surface layer; high wear resistance, reducing dust, improving impact resistance, improving oil and grease resistance.

Applicable scope of Emery floor: Because the performance of epoxy floor and emery floor is different, it must be selected according to the environment and needs when using. Epoxy floor is suitable for no special vehicle walking, no weight A variety of industrial, civil, and commercial floors where objects often hit, no sharp hard objects are often rubbed, and no corrosive chemicals are present. The Emery wear-resisting floor is suitable for various industries that need to withstand the frequent walking of vehicles, often heavy objects, frequent sharpening and hardening, non-corrosive chemicals, low requirements for cleanliness, and low requirements for aesthetics. , civilian, commercial floor.

Third, the construction process

Base concrete control → first stage material spreading construction → smearing → light collection → curing → slitting, filling.

1. The screed of the concrete base surface requires a thickness of 30mm-50mmM or more, the strength is above C25, the minimum gelling material content is 75-100mm, and the surface of the concrete surface should be dense, flat and free of bleeding.

2. When the concrete is initially set, use a finger pressure test, leaving a 3-5MM mark to start construction.

3. Spread the ground hardening material by hand, and then use the trowel to compact and collect the light after it absorbs the moisture of the concrete.

4. Use a hand spatula to collect the mechanical construction area.

5. Do not splash water on the surface during the construction process.

6. After the surface is finished, use a special curing agent and spray it with a fine spray. Do not cover it with plastic cloth.

7. Cut the expansion joint.

8. Use a sealing coating.

9. Sealing coating: In some cases, there is a high requirement for aesthetics and chemical resistance. It is recommended to cover the layer with a sealing paint.

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