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How should terrazzo polish and polish terrazzo floor polishing and polishing tips
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-22

Polished and polished terrazzo floor technology application

The terrazzo floor can be freely designed and patterned, allowing you to choose the background color and various polymers.

Custom colors, individually designed, each terrazzo floor is the exclusive business card for the building.

In the construction of terrazzo floors, customers are often required to pay special attention to the polishing of terrazzo floors.

So how should terrazzo be polished and polished? Here are some tips for sharing terrazzo floor polishing and polishing.

First, sand the ground

The first is to grind the ground. When grinding, it should be ground with 50#, 150#, 300# water-grinding pieces in sequence. After polishing the floor, the surface water can be drained by a water suction machine.

In order to make the corners have the same bright effect, first use the angle grinder to polish the corners in place, then carry the powder together with the corners. There is no material sewage in the corners, and the material reaction is absorbed at the same time, so the ground will be the same as the large area.

Tip: When the area is large, push the material directly to the unpolished floor, which saves trouble and saves water.

Second, the ground curing

Curing on the ground is the best way to extend floor life and improve performance.

Tip: When the terrazzo solidifies the floor, be sure to dry the floor and sprinkle the curing agent, and keep the floor moist for at least 4 hours.

Third, grinding fine grinding

After the curing agent is dried, it is necessary to perform the grinding work again, and the water-milling sheets of 500#, 1000#, 2000#, 3000# are sequentially ground with water. After grinding, the surface water is dried in time using a water absorbing machine.

Tip: When polishing 3000 mesh, be sure to polish it with clean water, which will help the ground to be further cleaned.

Fourth, crystal polishing

After the floor is dry, it can be polished with a white or red scouring pad and terrazzo permeate. After grinding, the steel wool is wrapped on a scouring pad and polished syrup is added for polishing and crystallization until the surface is dry and bright. brightness.

Tip: The terrazzo floor is easy to polish and polish, and the terrazzo floor will be more beautiful and of better quality.

Mastering the skills of polishing and polishing terrazzo floors makes it easy to create a more sleek and durable terrazzo floor.

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