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Why choose a seamless terrazzo
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-19

In recent years, following the level of career, the pursuit of beauty has also gone down, and aesthetic understanding is also being promoted simultaneously. The renovation industry is booming, and the private homes have become widely dispersed. From the restaurant to the snacks, the snacks exhibitions have been extensively dismantled, and most of them are three-year-old, five-year-old, and dismantled. Popularity also mobilized all the wood, stone, glass and other materials for the renovation of the repair industry, the selection of the same information, the effectiveness of the repair is also very different, for example, the use of seamless terrazzo to build the floor than the rest The product must have the upper hand. Above, let's understand.

In recent years, the terrazzo floor has been deeply loved by designers and is being used in a large number of floor names such as sputum, hospitals, and catering industries. The terrazzo floor is also cheap, and it can pick the colors, styles, construction and other common advantages. There is a great market. However, the selection and utilization of the traditional terrazzo has not been broken, and the new skills and techniques have not been improved on the terrazzo to conform to the new situation of the market.

The seamless terrazzo is a modified product of the traditional terrazzo. From the perspective of construction, the seamless terrazzo has the characteristics of rapid setting and the ability to promote strength in a short period of time. It saves a lot of maintenance time and can stop grinding in one day. Therefore, the speed of construction is accelerated, and the contraction period is largely reduced. It is the current society in which money and obedience are life.

Regarding the owner's circle, the selection of seamless terrazzo, not only can save a lot of repair work for itself, and the color is more beautiful than the traditional terrazzo, the stitching does not need to crack, the group is more elegant. Pickled, bright and easy to clear and maintain in the early stage. There is no easy cracking, heavy objects are squeezed, drag and drag are not easily deformed and destroyed, and the life is greatly delayed.

The seamless terrazzo produced by Jincheng Floor has dealt with many of the drawbacks of traditional terrazzo, and it is more suitable for the market. It is rich in color and fashionable. It can not only be selected and used in the floor exhibition, but also used in various places such as countertops and sinks. If you need it, please contact us!

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