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Is the terrazzo floor good?
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-08

Is the terrazzo floor good?

According to the existing terrazzo market conditions, the terrazzo floor is divided into a traditional terrazzo floor, a new terrazzo floor and a top terrazzo floor.

The traditional terrazzo floor is a primary terrazzo product that was once popular and then eliminated. The color is simple, rigid, lacking in spirituality, and limited to materials and technology. The overall floor life is not long, and it is easy to dust and easy to sand.

The new terrazzo floor solves the problem of dust and sand on the basis of the traditional terrazzo, which reduces the difficulty of cleaning and greatly improves the service life.

The top terrazzo floor is a bolder breakthrough and innovation based on the new terrazzo floor, which greatly enriches the type of aggregate, enriches the choice of color and visual effect; and once again prolongs the service life and can Providing personalized customization and truly entering high-end venues.

The gold terrazzo floor is based on the top terrazzo floor and incorporates more art crafts and new materials to make the floor effect more artistic and human. It can also be customized according to the specific use scenarios, which greatly meets the designer's design requirements and the owner's personalized customization needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of the gold terrazzo floor:

1: The golden terrazzo floor is seamless, the flatness is high, the cleaning is easy, and there is no dirt and dirt;

2: The point of the gold terrazzo floor is high non-slip, high load bearing, high wear resistance, and the hardness of the table can reach 6-8;

3: The gold terrazzo floor is not dusty and ash, and the cleanliness is high, which can meet the requirements of the clean room;

4: The gold terrazzo floor is not ignited, corrosion resistant and has excellent performance;

5: The gold terrazzo floor material is simple, no odor, no pollution, healthy and safe.

6: The golden terrazzo floor is bright and delicate, and the visual effect is good;

7: The golden terrazzo floor is rich in shape and supports personalization;

8: The owner of the Golden Terrazzo floor is free to participate in the customization process.

9: The gold terrazzo floor can be perfectly integrated with the overall environment, and the gold terrazzo floor is more widely used.

10: The gold terrazzo floor has a long service life.

Point gold terrazzo floor defects:

Cost is relatively expensive

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