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Guangdong Meifule terrazzo manufacturers tell you how to clean the terrazzo floor?
Edit:Guangdong Meifule New Material Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-19

Today, let us follow the footsteps of Guangdong Meifule Terrazzo manufacturers to learn about how we should clean the terrazzo floor. I hope that our sharing will give you a better understanding of the terrazzo floor.

The terrazzo floor is convenient and wear-resistant, and it can also be used for color mixing. Therefore, many grounds in China use terrazzo decoration. The terrazzo has been used for a long time, it is easy to get dust, and the gloss will be a lot weaker. Let's take a look at how to clean the terrazzo floor.

First, how to clean the terrazzo floor

1, initial maintenance: completely sealed wax

How to clean the terrazzo floor? The terrazzo floor must be mopped every day for just a few months, and the minerals on the surface should be cleaned. When it is thoroughly cleaned, it is necessary to seal the surface.

2, every day: sweep and vacuum with a broom

The ground surface with the terrazzo needs to be periodically dusted and then polished with a synthetic fiber mat.

3, regular: wet drag or use a machine brush

The terrazzo floor should also be brushed regularly, first wet the floor with clean water, then combine with a mild detergent, scrub with a mop or vacuum cleaner, and then seal the surface with wax.

4. The next day: polishing with a synthetic polishing agent for the terrazzo.

The terrazzo floor, which is maintained by polishing technology, can be waxed for several years without any waxing. The waxing can be extended for three years or longer.

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